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  Tourism & Culture    
  Akau Furs
Contact: Aaju Peter
PH: 867-979-1317
Production and marketing of fur products

Allen Island Outfitters
Contact: Joseph Hess
PH: 867-979-0107 or 975-1886
FX: 867-979-0107
Sales, outfitting, ski-doo & boat tours, arts & crafts

Amarok Hunters and Trappers Association
PH: 867-979-6848
FX: 867-979-3390
Commercial caribou licensing, local information about hunting quotas and wildlife availability

Contact: Sylvia Cloutier
PH: 867-979-1758
FX: 867-979-2637
Performing arts company

Arctic Creations
Contact: Monica Ell
PH: 867-979-1841
FX: 867-979-0270
Locally made novelties and crafts, craft and sewing supplies, Inuit jewelry, parkas, amautis, specializing in seal skin products

Baffin Fisheries Coalition
Contact: Peter Keenainak
PH: 867-979-3066
FX: 867-979-3068

Eenoairik Sagiatok
PH: 867-979-4364
Sewing & tentmaking

Eetuk Outfitting and Equipment Rentals
Contact: Chris Groves
PH: 867-979-1984
FX: 867-979-1994
Expeditions arranged and outfitted

Ekho Inuit Originals
Contact: Mary Wilman
PH: 867-979-1578
FX: 867-979-6575
E-mail: mewilman@nunanet.com
Cultural consultant, traditional and contemporary clothing manufacturer

Inuit Sea Kayak Adventures
Contact: Kirt Ejesiak
PH: 867-979-0333
FX: 867-979-2414
Sea kayak rentals from Apex Beach

Inunnik Productions
Contact: Elisapee Davidee
PH: 867-979-6801
FX: 867-979-3300
Promotion of language, culture, identity, Inuit talent

Kemp-Kinnear Tour Planning & Consulting
Contact: Cheryl Kemp-Kinnear
PH: 867-979-0736
FX: 867-979-0735
Tourism Consultants

Kilabuk Sewing
Contact: Elisapee Kilabuk
PH: 867-979-1408
Sewing seal skin bags, coats, mitts, etc.

Kublu Image Vision Arts
Contact: Bernadette Kublu
PH: 867-979-1746
Educational Inuit art & stories

Laird Environmetal Planning and Design
Contact: John Laird
PH: 867-979-2472
FX: 867-979-4257
E-mail: jlaird@nunanet.com
General, environmental ecological and social consulting, snowmobile/dogteam tours

Mexican Souvenirs
Contact: Maria Teri Moclezuma
PH: 514-364-3770
Mexican souvenirs & jewellry

Northwinds Arctic Adventures
Contact: Paul Landry
PH: 867-979-0551
FX: 867-979-0573
Expeditions arranged and outfitted

Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum
PH: 867-979-5537
FX: 867-979-4533
E-mail: museum@nunanet.com
Cultural learning centre

Polynya Adventure & Coordination HQ
Contact: Jimi Onalik
PH: 867-979-6260
FX: 867-979-6256
Tourism & event coordination

Qairrulik Outfitting Ltd.
Contact: Guy Vachon
PH: 867-979-6280
FX: 867-979-1950
Outfitting, retail, rental, mechanical-skidoos, ATV

Qimuk Adventure Tours
Contact: Meeka Mike
PH: 867-979-2777
FX: 867-979-1554
E-mail: qimuk@nunanet.com
Tour operators

Simard Sewing
Contact: Fleurette Simard
PH: 867-979-3247

Tukturjuk Outfitting
Contact: Glenn Williams
PH: 867-979-2289
FX: 867-979-4924
E-mail: glenwill@nunanet.com
Guiding and outfitting for film crews, scuba divers and adventures. Scuba diving training, consulting on wildlife issues, renewable resource development projects.

Nunavut Tourism
Contact: Maureen Bungaard
PH: 867-979-6551
FX: 867-979-1261
E-mail: nunadir@nunanet.com
Web: www.nunatour.nt.ca
Non-profit organization

Tasiarjuaq Excursions
Contact: Phillipe Lavalee
PH: 867-975-2607
FX: 867-975-2619
Adventure tourism – seal kayaking

Tuvaaq Outfitting Land Program
Contact: Pauloosie Kilabuk
PH: 867-975-2447
Outfitting, land programs, teach healing

Visitor’s Centre
PH: 867-979-4636
FX: 867-979-1261
  Art Galleries    
  Iqaluit Fine Arts Studio
Contact: Helen Webster
PH: 867-979-5578 or 979-5748
FX: 867-979-6092
E-mail: webster@nunanet.com
Inuit sculptures, prints and drawings, handmade tapestries, jewelry, paintings

Coman Arctic Galleries
Contact: Martin Joy
PH: 867-979-6300
PH: 867-979-6854
Inuit sculptures, jewelry, paintings, prints, drawings and jewelry

Inuit Art Gallery (Frobisher Inn)
PH: 867-979-3405
E-mail: rockstudio@nt.sympatico.ca
Carvings, prints, drawings, jewelry, sealskin clothing, miscellaneous souvenirs

Northern Country Arts (Arctic Express)
Contact: Corey Stewart
PH: 867-979-6302
FX: 867-979-6303
Carvings and prints

Rannva Designs
Contact: Rannva E. Simonsen
PH: 867-979-0333
FX: 867-979-2414
Sealskin design, manufacturing, sale & consulting

Ray Lovell Art Studio
Contact: Ray Lovell
PH: 867-979-2804