Kivalliq Region
  Kitikmeot Region
  Qikiqtaaluk Region
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  There are three diverse regions to discover in Nunavut:

Best known for... the polar bear migration in late fall. Glacial terrain of marsh, muskeg and tidal flats. Birdwatchers will be delighted by the diverse migratory species here. Musical talent and community square dances abound. Locals and tourists can enjoy year-round caribou hunting. Good fishing trips are always available, whether it be out on the sea ice, at the edges of a rushing river, or in a tranquil lake. Kivalliq offers interesting walks for any ability and plenty of paths for all-terrain vehicle excursions. Take the time to visit historical Hudson Bay Trading Posts.

Best known for... splendor in the barrens. The carpet of miniature plant life, wildflowers, lichen and moss will fascinate botanists or any one who will bend for a closer look. The unusual and impressive Muskox can be seen, or even tasted, in this part of the Arctic. There is also an abundance of seals here. Other highlights include Wiberforce Falls, peregrine falcons, and rich Inuit history.

Best known for... northern 'big city' life (Iqaluit) for museums, shopping, restaurants, and other services you might expect in a city. Geologically, it ranges from hills to high mountain peaks, to glaciers. If you're into mountainous treks, this is the place for you. If you're into running, there's a midnight sun marathon. Rich with marine animals, especially whales. Dramatic scenery - coastal planes, fiords, glaciers, ice bergs. Lots of archeological sites in a backdrop of mountains. Good arctic char fishing. The dramatic scenery of fiords make for an interesting place to go kayaking.